To be a part of an issue or particular series you must read the current casting call which is displayed at the bottom of our main page and on our instagram, submit your images, artwork, written pieces or adverts to our email and keep a look

out for your feature.

submissions to:

Issue #4: Political Issues is split into two separate issues, deadlines below.

Volume 1 = Body, Gender & Fashion  june 1oth

Volume 2= Eco, Manifesto & Lockdown Sep 1st


Submissions for Multi-media Editorial pieces are as followed.

1) Submit 10-12 High Resolution images in JPEG or TIFF format.

2) Write a Biography about your work, the piece you've submitted & what it means.


3)Write a Full list of credits of parties involved with the creation of the piece attached to your email.



Submissions for Collages pieces are as followed.

1) Submit 10-12  self taken nude images with full frontal nudity .

2 full frontal

2 head shots

2 mid body nude

2 close up nudes

2 back/ass shots

2 creative shots of money shots


3) Images should be shot usually with flash or in good light , this is for the sake of the graphic designer compiling the artworks.

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