issue #03

This issue is full of sexually charged imagery, collaborative editorials, erotic illustrations & in depth interviews & pieces on Identity.

Issue includes pieces on of our first three artists selected for the Visual Case Study.




Less Is More - Starring Giulio Di Ghonno, Photography by Jack Hope, Creative Direction by Giulio Di Ghonno & Jack Hope,

                                                                                                                                             Styled by Giulio Di Ghonno & Jack Hope.


SEX  - Words by Andrew Fish, Revised by HAÜS, Photography by Jack Hope, Model : Gemma Pick, Garments by SoftSkin Latex


Trinity  - Starring Riccardo T, Toni Vanburen & Todd Lamming , Photography by Haüs, Styling & Creative Direction by Jack Hope,

                                                                               Interview & Words by  Riccardo T, Toni Vanburen,Todd Lamming & Jack Hope,

                                                                                                      Garments by Vetements,Margiela, Nicole Farhi, Chanel ,

                                                 Vivienne Westwood, Royal Opera House & Haüs Atelier.



A Brief Conversation with En-Santi - Illustrations by En-Santi, Interview by Haüs.

Photobooth  - Starring Ben Chaplin , Photography by HAÜS, Styling by Jack Hope, Garments by Louis Vuitton & Haüs Atelier,

ArtPorn Collage Series Vol. 2  - Graphic Design by Giulio Di Ghonno for HAÜS, Page Styling by Jack Hope, Submissions by Cole Durkee, 

Zensual Tyler , Garett Gone Wild,  Philip Brown, Webb Jock, Phillip J. Shaw, Joel Someone, Darren Mew, CJ , Jr. Gardella .

Mugler Woman  - Starring Jody Rouwenhorst,  Creative Direction by Jack Hope, Photography by Haüs, Styling by Jack Hope,

                                                                                                                                                            Garments by Thierry Mugler.

Andro-Normaty - Starring Brendan Kun, Styling by Jack Hope , Photography & Layout by Haüs, Garments by Jean Paul Gaultier & Yohji Yamamoto

Ryan Stanford x Joel Someone  - Featuring Joel Someone , Photography by Ryan Stanford, Layout by Haüs.

Costume Play/Haüs x Brody - Featuring Brody , Photography by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs, Garments by National Theatre, Topshop, Phillip Plein.

Theres No Such Thing As Sex - Words by Louis Shankar, Layout by Haüs.

Who Am I- Starring Gloria Sfoggia , Photography by Glorio Sfoggia, Layout by Haüs.

Self Love - Words & Self Portraits by Jono.

ART - Words & Illustrations by Matthew Whiting , Layout by Haüs.

Gross Indecency I + II- Photography, Words & Creative Direction by Mr & Mr Ford, Layout by Haüs.

Inanimate Sex - Starring Rita , Photography by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs.

Destroyer of Worlds - Starring Cole Durkee & Gabriele Scaramuzzi , Photography by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs, Garments by Destroyer of Worlds.

James Paxton Art- Illustrations & Words by James Paxton, Layout by Haüs.

Haüs x Mickey Taylor - Photography & Styling by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs, Garments by Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent,

                                                                                                                                                    Chanel, Thierry Mugler & Birkenstock.

In Ecstasy- Photography & Words by Xandr Arquin.

Quenga Doamor x Haüs - Illustrations by Quenga Doamor.


TROPICORPO- Self Portraits by Tropocorpo & Layout by Haüs.

REDLINE - Starring ZennDaddy , Selfportraits by Shawd D.Banksten, Layout by Haüs.

Ryan Stanford x D'Mahndes Lavaughn - Starring D'Mahndes , Photography by Ryan Stanford.

Petr Onius - Illustrations & Words by Patr Onius.

Sabatie Are Bure Bokeh - Photography & Creative Direction by Shane Sutherland.

WET Series - Starring Anonymous, Photography Haüs, Creative Direction Jack Hope.

Miss Van Ham - Artwork & Words by Susan Vanham, Layout by Haüs.

Walk in the Park - Starring Craig Don , Photography by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs.

Amphibian - Starring Juan/AmphibianPhotography by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs, Garments by House of CB, Dorety Mur, Soft Skin Latex.

Portraits of a Boy in Bondage - Photography by Jack Hope, Layout by Haüs, Garments from Ronnies Wardrobe.

(in)Corpo Manifesto  -  Photography, Creative Direction & Words by Chris Red & Bruno Novadvorski, Layout by Haüs.

EXHIBITIONISTIC  -  Photography, Creative Direction & Words by Sasha Akakievich with Layout by Haüs.

Berlin City Sex Siren- Starring  Mother Zueira Gucci Angels,Yukiko Mulan Saint Laurent , Kitty Angels Gucc, Magdalene 007, 

                                                 Antony Saint Laurent, Zima Tea 007, Yanaka Mulan 007, Ra Mulan 007, Don Gucci.

                                                 Photography by Rafal Gaweda, Styling by David Vitry Ferreira, Assisted by Lee-Elle Juice Couture Gucci, 

                                                    Garments by Jay Barry Matthews ,Layout by Haüs.


Fuck Me I'm An Immigrant   -  Photography by Miguel  Cepero, Garments & Styling by Chema Diaz, Starring Matt, Tom Giles , J. Aria, Pupper Bitch , Huoort , Riccardo T, Todd Lamming , Toni Van Burren.

RAPTOR RAPTURE - Featuring Matthew Camp, Orson Deane, Pig Boy Ruben & More,Photography from Oliver Sarley Archive,

Interviewed by Jack Hope, Annotated by Kristele Joyeux , Layout by Haüs.

StrayMac -  Featuring Lyddie Mac, Shot & Styled by HAÜS , Interviewed by Jack Hope, Annotated by Kristele Joyeux.

Bryson Rand - Photography by Bryson Rand, Layout & Words by HAÜS, Starring James, Chase, PJ , Jim, Greg, Billy, Stephen & Daniel, Mario

                                                                                                          & Danny, Hunter & Tony, Patrick , Eddie, Frank , Phil, Tim & Andres.


The Fool/ Church - Poetry by Brad Cohen, Published by BERLINABLE,Photography by HAÜS.

Homage to Pierre Molinier- Starring Anonymous, Photography & Creative Direction by Stephan/ARTBOYDANCING ,Layout by Haüs.

Ryan Stanford x Adam Surge - Starring Adam Surge , Photography by Ryan Stanford.

The Absence of Monotony - Artwork byFelix D'eon , Words by HAÜS.

HAÜS x ART ANGLESON - Artwork by Art Angelson/Filip.

Masked Bandit - Starring James Gardella , Photography by Victor Jeffreys II.

SOLITO - Starring Jakob , Photography by Caique Silvieros/ Solito Project, Layout by HAÜS.

Ryan Stanford x D'Mahndes Lavaughn - Starring D'Mahndes , Photography by Ryan Stanford


Loving Leviticus - Interviewed & Annotated by Kristele Joyeux , Layout by HAÜS.

Ryan Stanford x D'Mahndes Lavaughn - Starring D'Mahndes , Photography by Ryan Stanford

HAUTE STUFF VOL 3. - Starring Gabriele Scaramuzzi , Photography by HAÜS, Styling Jack Hope, Garments by Gianni Versace & HAÜS ATELIER.

HAUTE STUFF VOL 4. - Starring Xavier Sibley , Photography by HAÜS, Styling Jack Hope, Garments by Vivienne Westwood.


BUTCH QUEEN - Artwork by Misha MN, Layout by HAÜS.

Pure Narcissism  - Starring Mz Vaseline, Alexx After, Radam Ridwan, Aaron James, Alexis Meshida , Photography by Aida/ asktheseaforanswers,

Styling & Garments by Santana Queiros/Narcissism.

UGLI X HAÜS  - CGI Images by UGLI/Stefano Moretti  , Layout by HAÜS.

Graeme Fullwood. - Artwork by Graeme Fullwood.

Giovanni Ortiz by Fenton. - Starring Giovani Ortiz , Photography by Fenton/Fenton2427H.

RAK. - Starring Arak A. Edge , Photography by TAB Photography.

Gross Indecency 3: Sticks & Stones. - Concept & Words by Mr & Mr Ford , Layour by HAÜS.

HAÜS X LIL SANTI - Artwork by Christian Santiago / LIL SANTI, Layout by HAÜS.

ARCHIVAL INSTINCT - Starring Giuppy D'aura , Styling by Jack Hope, Photography by HAÜS, Garments by Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior,

William Craven, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Louboutin, Jean Paul Gaultier from HAÜS Atelier.

IMMORTALISED - Starring CJ, Jason Domino, Mr Unicorn, Willoh, Photography by Nige Rorbach/ImmortalUK.

Scenes Of A Sexual Nature -  Subjects Anonymous, Photography by Michele Baron, Layout by HAÜS.

Giovanni Ortiz by Fenton. - Starring Giovani Ortiz , Photography by Fenton/Fenton2427H.

The Other Sex - Starring Saint Ann , Photography by HAÜS, Styling by Jack Hope, Garments by Thierry Mugler, Stella McCartney X Adidas,

Christian Dior, Rick Owens, Kenzo, Chanel, HAÜS ATELIER.

Raw Cuts. - Starring Daniel, Mr. Mess, Raphael , Creative Direction David Viltry, Fereira, Photography by Rafael Medina.

Punition - Poetry by Marc Nassau - Woodworth.

Monstera Deliciosa Presents:Versions of Vintage - Starring Monstera Deliciosa , Photography HAÜS Styling by Monstera & Jack Hope, Garments by

Gucci, Max Mara & Vintage.

By The Decade - Starring Paul Miller , Photography by HAÜS.

Giovanni Ortiz by Fenton. - Starring Giovani Ortiz , Photography by Fenton/Fenton2427H.

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