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issue #02


In this issue we're exploring the concept of identity and what it means through the eyes of our selected group to

create Issue #2.

Through written pieces, articles & editorial spreads created by designers, artists, adult entertainers, socialites, performers, activists, musicians & models we bring you Issue #2.

Alternate Covers 

#1 Cabe (shown here)

#2 Gianluigi

#3 Samuel CYMK

#4 Hermione

#5 Forrest Flowers

#6 Jordan

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This issue is full of sexually charged imagery, collaborative editorials, erotic illustrations & in depth interviews & pieces on Identity.
Issue includes pieces on of our first three artists selected for the Visual Case Study.



Now What - Starring Lydia McDonnell, Photography by Ella Grace Marshall, Creative Direction by Lydia McDonnell & Ella Grace Marshall,
                                                                                                                                                       Styled by Lydia McDonnell.

Can't See Straight  -Starring Tayce Szuradix, Louis Dragjan & Rebekah Jackson, Creative Direction by Dylan Joel & Jack Hope,
                                                                                                           Styling by Dylan Joel, Photography by HAÜS. 

The Concept of Identity  - Words by Andrew Fish, Revised by HAÜS.

Caviar de esperma (Sperm Caviar)  + Milanesa De Nalga (Breaded buttock)   - Words by Mentah & Irene Guiponi, Photography by Irene Guiponi, 
                                                                                                                                      Creative Direction by Irene Guiponi & Mentah.
Midnight - Shot by Vinny Covalcic & Friends   (Contains Explicit Material).

Jody  - Starring Jody Rouwenhorst, Photography by HAÜS, Styling by Jack Hope, Words by Jody Rouwenhorst & Jack Hope.

ArtPorn Collage Series  - Graphic Design by Giulio Di Ghonno for HAÜS, Page Styling by Jack Hope, Submissions by Oliver Sarley, Mike, Derek ,                                                                                            Cabe,Gio, Gianluigi,Ricardo, Toni, Todd Laming, Jack N' Thacox

Androsphinx  - Starring Doctor Skianto, Creative Direction by Metaraph, Photography by Diana Dau, Styling by Metaraph,
                                                                                                                  Garments by Givenchy & Moschino.

Body Trash  - Words by Ronnie Braithwaite , Graphic Design by  Jack Hope.

Haute Stuff  - Starring Jordan Roberts, Drew Dixon, Kai Davis, Xavier Sibley & Gabriel Phoenix,
                                                                 Photography by HAÜS, Styling by Jack Hope.

Finishing Artwork by Jock Mooney


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