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Express Yourself!

Lucas Lage

Submission from  @lucasolage Brazil.

Images by Fernanda Liberti.




Submission from @netflixandphillll.

Los Angeles, California


Illustrated by Matte Attack.

Drew Dixon


Kai Davis 

Submission from @skennedy81 & @drew.dixon.

Bristol, UK


JAcek Davies

Submission from @jatsick.

London, UK


Lucas Lage

Submission from @lucasolage Brazil.

Graphic work by Lucas Lage.

#1 Break

#2 Portal


Submission from @moanmonet.

Images by Corey Kathmann.

"Body Positive"

Ohio, United States

ANtonio Thieme

Submission from @antonio_thieme.

Curitiba, Brazil


Samuel Alexander

Submission from @beardysamuel .

Brighton, UK

Images by Manel Ortega

LEwis Morgan

Submission from @the_young_cub.

Plymouth, UK


Philip J Shaw

Submission from @philipjshaw .

Brighton, UK

Images by Manel Ortega

Watercolour Will

Submission from @watercolourwill

Brighton, UK

Watercolour Mugs available at Cock and Saucer


Frank Fontaine

Submission from @frankfontaineofficial.

Manchester, UK


Mark atheist Hunt

Submission from @mark_atheist_hunt .

Gent, Belgium

Adam Heura

Submission from @adamheura.

Valencia, Spain


LEwis Morgan

Submission from @the_young_cub.

Plymouth, UK



Submission from @kingbase76.

Scotland, UK



Submission from @iam.nckqnn.

Florida, US

Self Portrait

bennie hart lewis

Submission from @hartboy.

Manchester, UK


Chase Yates

Submission from @chasey512.

Austin Texas, US

Raffaello Donnaloia

Submission from @metaraph.

London, UK

Creative Direction/Styling: @metaraph_

Photography: @dianadau

Starring: @doctor.skianto


Garments from  Givenchy and Moschino,

Earpieces and Septum by Métaraph,

 Shoes by New Rock​.


Devin Wallace

Submission from @devinwallaceart.

London, UK

Colour Sketches:

#1  Just May Geri

#2 SuitButt

#3 Savage


Submission from @iam.nckqnn.

Florida, US

Self Portrait

Jorge GEese

Submission from @jorgegeese.

Madrid, Spain

Self Portraits Explicit


Oli bates

Submission from @olibfit.

Plymouth, UK

Pablo Hocquenghem

Submission from @pablolgbt.

Brussels, Belgium

"Best Cure For A Hangover"


Micahel Erdman

Submission from @tatarerdman.

London, UK

Pen on Paper

#1 Bronze and Belly

#2 Stacked

#3 Super Cock


Jack Dixon

Submission from @jackdixonxx.

Seattle, US



Fernando Eme

Submission from @0n4nd0.

Mexico City , Mexico

Self Portraits Explicit


Jack Dixon

2nd Submission from @jackdixonxx.

Seattle, US

NSFW Portraits


Geo Green

Submission from @geeogreen.

Marseille, France

Portraits by Tibault Gaetan Dubroca


Ronnie Braithwait

 Submission from @ronniebraithwait.

United Kingdom




Mr. MArtin

Submission from @mr.martin8525.

Las Vegas, US

NSFW  Self  Portraits


João MacRae

 Submission from @jojohatesyou.

São Paulo, Brazil

Video Self Portrait


Adam Huera

 Submission from @adamhuera.

Valencia, Spain.

Portraits by Manel Ortega



Pablo Hocquenghem

Submission from @pablolgbt.

Brussels, Belgium

"Stain Glass"


Andrew Fish

 Submission from Andrew Fish.

London, UK.

"My Take On Identity"

by Andrew Fish



Not Available for Mobile Viewing 

 Submission from @mike_musthave.

Müggelsee, Berlin.

Image  by Björn @berlinlandscapes16

Models: @frank.bertram & @mike_musthave


Mike Van roosbroeck

MArk Anthony Samsonowski

 Submission from @sparkymarky83.

Lancashire, United Kingdom


Albert Crush

 Submission from @_albertcrush_.

Madrid, Spain.


Alejandro Allen

 Submission from @alejandro_allen.

Location Unknown


Milo Miranda

 Submission from @milomiranda.



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