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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid . Kieran Armitage 3am ℗ MOONCHILD Released : 11/11/20

After accumulating near to 600,000 Spotify streams with only 4 single releases, Kieran Armitage is undeniably heading towards greatness. Over the past few years, Kieran has gained over 25,000 Instagram followers ( with followers such as Kim Petras & Cupcakke ) and made friendships with other LGBT artists (such as Jesse Saint John, James Indigo, Mickey Taylor, Dan Crossley etc.); Kieran’s music is all about gay teenage life in a modern society. “right place, wrong time” is an energetic electropop track written about falling in love with somebody you can’t have, “kissing jaxon” has been praised as an LGBT anthem written about coming to terms with your sexuality.

But Kieran’s most recent track “3am” is a complete switch up. This song is a chill-pop ballad about being alone and not feeling good enough for somebody's love. Just like the other tracks, it was entirely produced, written, sang, edited etc. by Kieran himself.

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