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Drag in Fashion #005:   Niall Candy

Who do you think is a good role model for the lgbt community?

 I love the whole rise in young LGBT or models, people such as Gigi Gorgeous, Troye Sivan, all speaking out about us and us within the community.


Do you have any hobbies?

       My hobbies coincide with my career, dj-ing, drag, clubbing, it all intertwines into one.


Favourite place to get drunk

Recently it’s been Beach Blanket Babylon, both Notting Hill and Shoreditch.


Do you think that gender fluidity is shown through out fashion?

I think very recently it has blown up, especially with Jaden Smith in the Louis Vuitton Campaign.


Do you agree that women have more of a choice when it comes to gender fluidity compared to men in terms of clothing availability and acceptance?

        I don’t think so, but i believe its a very personal thing

            and if you believe it within yourself, you won’t struggle as much as others.


What is your favorite movie?

 Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

Whose your biggest fashion inspiration?

 My fashion inspiration is a cocktail of Courtney Love and 

     Courtney Stodden, reaches both ends of the trash 

     spectrum, trashed and pink perfection trash.


H- Favourite designer?

My favourite designer would probably be The Blonds,

      they always get it so right!


 If you could be in any fashion campaign what brand would

     it be for?

Definitely would be BCalla, his campaigns are always so

     much fun, bright colours, eighties prints, plastic, neon…

     everything i love!


 What do you refer to your self as in terms of gender? Male

     female transgender or genderless

I consider myself male, when I was younger I was really

      unsure about my gender identity but as I’ve grown up

          and started experimenting, I know that i am comfortable in my own skin.


Favourite colour?

Pale pink!!! or pretty much any pastel colour.


Whats your career path/ what do you do for a living


I’m going down the nightlife route. Nightlife hosting, nightclub promotion, creating club nights and Dj’ing.

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