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Drag in Fashion #004:  Jody Rouwenhorst

Jody in the Haüs Atelier Studio's - 2016

Who do you think is a good role model for the LGBT community?

Everybody who’s positive is. I love that people are fighting for everybody being equal and stuff, but it’s just not gonna happen.

“You simply cannot want liberation for yourself and others that look and live like you. But then go ahead and oppress others with “no blacks, no asians, masc4masc” in your grindr profiles. That is no longer going to cut it.“

Favourite place to get drunk.

I don’t really like alcohol to be honest, but when in good company, every place can be chill.

Do you think that gender fluidity is shown through out fashion?

Some designers are trying, but the majority is kind of stuck in the old patterns of their brands I think.

Do you agree that women have more of a choice when it comes to gender fluidity compared to men in terms of clothing availability and acceptance?

Yes. Before I even was transitioning, you’d see I was close to start going on HRT. And I would get a lot of hate etc. When boys are dressing girly, it’s often put off as weakness.

But when a girl dresses tough, it’s hot. I don’t agree with the first part, but I do with the last part, haha lol.

Favourite icon Drag/Trans/Lesbian/Gay or Other

I don’t really have an icon anymore. I used to always have one growing up, but since a while I just haven’t.

What is your favorite movie?

I saw ‘The Invitation’ and ‘Hush’ a couple of weeks ago, they were so good! I love thrillers (even though I’ve became

such a pussy with scary movies, I think because

of the hormones haha.

Whose your biggest fashion inspiration.

There´s this incredible woman on Instagram, her name is Aureta.


Favourite designer.

Bas Kosters, Olivier Rousteing.

If you could be in any fashion campaign what

brand would it be for?

Acne, Balmain, Chanel

Do you think gender roles exist in society.


What do you refer to your self as in terms of gender?

Male ,female, transgender or genderless.

TF (Transgender Female)

Favourite colour?

Everything pastel

Whats your career path/ what do you do for a living.

I work in a restaurant, I work in make-up, I do

performances and I’m trying out modelling now.

Jody wearing a vintage Mongolian fur jacker on the cover of Haüs Issue #01 - 2017
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