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Drag in Fashion #003:   St. Anne

Whats your career path/ what do you do for a living? 

 I want to one day become a successful fashion photographer and stylist and own my own magazine to document my work and other creatives work as well.

I'd be mainly involved in visual art and image making but would like to do set design and use the art world as a platform when I feel its necessary. 


Do you think that gender fluidity is shown through out fashion? 

I think that recently its became a subject which has been more spoken about but i do feel like its a marketing strategy for brands at the moment. 


Do you agree that women have more of a choice when it comes to gender fluidity compared to men in terms of clothing availability and acceptance? 

Yeah of course like women have so mu h more freedom and choice when it comes to clothing where as men are stuck with the same few cuts in the same few fabrics and the same few colours…..Its annoying


Favourite Drag Queen/LGBT Icon?

 Favourite drag queen is probably GaGa or Cher. Im mostly inspired by my friends to be honest, like people who can get on a tube by themselves at night with a full face of makeup and 7-inch heels, they’re my idols. 


What is your favourite movie?

I have loads, anything tim burton cos I'm a goth queen, anything girly comedy and shit like She’s the Man, Mean Girls or Easy A, I like Mysterious Skin its about gay prostitutes & aliens and i like campy horror like Rocky Horror & Death Becomes Her.

Whose your biggest fashion inspiration?

I get my fashion inspiration from loads of different places. Im really obsessed with powerful females and powerful dressers. Like Isabella Blow, Gaga, Bowie, Daphne Guinness people like that but my personal style is taken from all different kinds of things. I change my look too often to have one specific style icon. I love anyone who dresses up and slays. 


Favourite designer? 

   Gareth Pugh, McQueen, Thom Browne, Iris Van Herpen, 

                 Richard Quinn is a new fave, loads more.


If you could be in any fashion campaign what

brand would it be for For this season?

                 The Marc Jacobs AW16 collection cos of them

                                    boots to be honest. 


How do you refer to your self in terms of gender?

(Male, female,transgender or genderless.) 

I wouldn’t consider myself genderless because I think I sit amongst everything and just do what i want.

Those who know me who I can wear jeans and a cap and jumper one day & the next a face of makeup and gems and heels on.

I don’t think I’ve considered my gender status too much. 


Favourite colour?   


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