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Drag in Fashion #002:  Jason Summerfield

Jason Summerfield Polaroid #2 - 22 March 2016

 Who do you think is a good role model for

the LGBT community?




Do you have any hobbies?

I like to write, poetry mainly. I enjoy making things

out of unconventional materials.


Favourite place to get drunk.

Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill


Do you think that gender fluidity is shown through out fashion?


 Not as much as it could be.


Do you agree that women have more of a choice when it comes to gender fluidity compared to men in terms of clothing availability and acceptance?

accepted, yes. I feel it’s available, but not everyone feels comfortable doing it, men in particular, its not the norm, girls are ridiculed less for dressing “Tom boyish” however men Will have a harder time looking more feminine.

I feel big clothing companies have the power to push these old stereotypes to create a free, to dress how you feel, way of life.


Favourite icon drag/trans/lesbian/gay or other

  I love Angela Lansbury, I don’t base my self on her, but she is fab as fuck! I have also been inspired by Leigh Bowery, one way or another.


What is your favourite movie?

First thing that came to mind was titanic.. As a child I’d watch over and over.. So I guess that.

Whose your biggest fashion inspiration?

 I’m inspired by so many things, architecture, fabrics, objects, images. Too difficult to filter down to 1 person.


Favourite designer?


Hussein Chalayan ,Gareth Pugh, iris van herpen.

To name a few.


If you could be in any fashion campaign

what brand would it be for

            something super fab, like Jeremy Scott/Tim walker inspired work.


Do you think gender roles exist in society?



What do you refer to your self as in terms of gender?

Male, female, transgender or genderless.

I am male. However JasonJason (my character) is

very fluid in the way he presents himself.


Favourite colour?

Baby colours, baby blue/baby pink.


Whats your career path/ what do you do for a living?


     I’m an entertainer, I work in night life, hosting events,

DJ-ing. I’m also an artist.


JasonJason in the Ballroom at Beach Blanket Babylon - Notting Hill 28 March 2016
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